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Educational Resources

The QRA provides information and resources useful for secondary and tertiary education as well as containing material and links of more general interest. Many of the weblinks have been chosen to be useful for A-level teaching in the subjects of geography and geology.

Glacial outburst floods

Case study: The Channeled Scablands

Student Resource

The largest and most spectacular glacial outburst floods in the world occurred as Glacial Lake Missoula repeatedly burst through its ice dam during episodes of glacial retreat during wastage of the Cordilleran ice sheet in western North America. This website explores these “megafloods” and how they carved the famous Channeled Scablands of Washington State.


VR Glaciers and Glaciated Landscapes

Student Resource

Our virtual field trips allow you to explore the fascinating and often spectacular world of glaciers and glaciated landscapes. Look all around and zoom-in on features of interest – rather like Google Streetview © – and see how the landscape changes from one location to the next.

Antarctic Glaciers

This website aims to promote the science of Antarctic glaciology and to disseminate the findings to a wider community. The site focuses on published, peer-reviewed literature and includes accessible information on Antarctica, Glaciers & Climate, Modern Glaciers and Glacial Geology. The site is supported by the QRA.

British Ice Sheet animations (Hubbard et al.)

This link to the BritIce Modelling Project (Hubbard, Patton, et al.) contains animations and Google Earth plugins of the advance and retreat of the British & Irish Ice Sheet between 38,000 and 10,000 years B.P (before present).

Anglesey i-Map

An interactive map of Anglesey (Ynys Mon) that illustrates the location of a range of glacial landforms and sediments as well as summaries explaining how they were formed.

Reconstructing past environments


Student Resource

An online learning resource about peatland ecosystems and their potential to tell us about past climate and environmental change.


Quaternary Quiz

Test your knowledge of the quaternary with our quick quiz.

QRA A-level curriculum links

Student Resource

Aspects of Quaternary science that appear in geography and geology A-level specifications (first teaching from 2008) and Scottish Highers.