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Virtual Palaeoscience (VIPs)

About this group

Duration of QRA support: 2020-Present
Organisers: Jane Bunting (Lead), Kim Davies, Simon Hutchinson, Fabienne Marret-Davies, Elizabeth Hurrell, Des McDougall, Danni Pearce, Irene Torereggiani, Nicki Whitehouse and others
We aim to create a shared archive of virtual palaeoenvironmental teaching resources to support the teaching of environmental change science leading to improvements in environmental change teaching, accessibility of teaching and outreach. Longer term objectives are:
  • Create a useful and widely used resource for finding, creating and using materials for teaching and learning about the palaeosciences.
  • Create a community which can seek grant funding and institutional support to produce high quality materials over a longer term and study their use by students and academics.
  • Transfer curation to an established organisation.

Get Involved

If you would like find out more this research group’s activities or get involved with upcoming events please contact the QRA or the lead organiser of the group.