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As a charitable organisation the QRA is committed to encouraging the participation of non-Quaternary specialists in our activities and to disseminating information and promoting related talks and events that may be of interest to the wider public. QRA members often present talks on various aspects of Quaternary science to local community groups, schools, universities, and other organisations.

What is the Quaternary?

The Quaternary is a subdivision of geological time (the Quaternary Period) which covers the last 2.6 million years up to the present day.

The Quaternary Period has been one of extraordinary changes in global environment as well as the period during which much of human evolution took place.

Interested in the Quaternary?

QRA meetings take place throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland, with discounted rates for students and retired QRA members.

Our activities are not restricted to people engaged in Quaternary research – anyone with an interest in the Quaternary is welcome to get involved. We also run a number of outreach events throughout the year which cover a broad range of themes related to past environmental change.

Information & Resources

Discover information and resources useful for secondary, further and higher education, as well information and links for more general interest.

These resources will provide information on a range of topics, including glaciology, human evolution & environmental change, wetland environments, and much more.

Apply for Outreach Funding

The QRA encourages its members and others to promote and foster engagement between Quaternary Science and a wide and diverse audience. In support, we offer an annual Outreach fund from which grants will be awarded.