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Membership is open to anyone interested in the advancement of education and research into the Quaternary period. If you already have a membership, active or expired, please log in first and renew that, rather than starting a new membership.

Membership price increases from 15th December 2023:

To reflect the increased costs of running the QRA, membership prices will increase to the following from December 15th 2023:

  • Institutional: £60/year
  • Ordinary: £30/year
  • Student: £15/year
  • Retired/Unwaged: £15/year

If you have set-up a recurring payment for membership, your next auto payment amount will be automatically increased. If you have set-up a one-off payment method, your next payment due will be at the higher amount if this payment occurs after the 15th December 2023.

Member benefits

QRA Membership offers a wide range of benefits including an extensive grant & prize programme, annual meetings & fieldtrips.
  • Grants application & awards nomination
  • 20% publication discount
  • Attend annual discussion meeting
  • Field meetings and workshops
  • Postgraduate Symposium and opportunities
  • Access JQS publication
  • Access QN
“By joining this membership, I have managed to work with many other amazing researchers to help get a better understanding of Quaternary science”
 As an organisation, the QRA offers a wide range of field-base meetings, workshops, outreach & co-sponsored events.  QRA members typically receive discounted attendance rates. 

Apply for our membership today

£35 / year

  • Academic & non-academic organisations allied to Quaternary studies 
  • Access to all the member benefits listed above

£20 / year

  • Waged individuals
  • Access to all the member benefits listed above

£10 / year

  • Full or part time undergraduate and postgraduate students 
  • Access to all of the member benefits listed above

£10 / year

  • Retired individuals
  • Access to all the member benefits listed above

Renew an expired subscription

Past or expired QRA members can log in to renew subscriptions and update payment details in their accounts section instead of creating a new membership.