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Past research groups

Isotopes in Biogenic Silica (IBiS)

The main aim of IBiS is to promote the study of all forms of biogenic silica (phytoliths from higher plants, diatoms, chrysophytes, sponge spicules, radiolaria, etc) and their role in biogeochemical cycling at ecosystem to global scales. The group is still active.

Quaternary Vertebrates (QUAVER)

The purpose of this group was to improve communication between Quaternary vertebrate researchers, through regular meetings, a website and a web-based mailing list.

FLuvial Archives Group (FLAG)

The Fluvial Archives Group was one of the first QRA Research Groups, set up in 1996. The group is an international forum for discussion and dissemination of research on fluvial topics from historical to Early Pleistocene timescales, using a wide range of established and emerging methodologies including chronology and modelling and looking at forcing factors including tectonics, climate and human activity. FLAG chair sessions at many key conferences in addition to organising their own Biennial meetings which are a combination of talks and field visits.

Tephra in Quaternary Science (TIQS)

Recent developments in tephrochronology have heralded a new wave of research initiatives that utilise it to tackle significant scientific issues which, hitherto, have been unachievable with the traditional dating techniques. This group brought together individuals and groups with wide-ranging expertise in order to promote cross-group collaborations for optimising and advancing tephrochronology.