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QRA-14CHRONO Centre Radiocarbon Dating Award

About the award

This award has been set up in collaboration with the 14CHRONO Centre, School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology, Queen’s University Belfast (QUB). The awards support student researchers by providing radiocarbon dates. Please note:

  1. The successful applicant will be expected to take the samples themselves in the field and prepare the material for dating following prior consultation with QUB.
  2. The 14CHRONO Centre will consult with the award recipient with regards to the appropriate material and sampling for their application, prepare and analyse the samples and provide the applicant with the conventional radiocarbon ages and calibrated age ranges. Award recipients must allow at least 8–10 weeks from receipt of the sample in the laboratory for results except by prior approval.
  3. Applicants for this award may not apply to the New Research Workers Awards for the same or closely-related project in the same year.
  4. The 14CHRONO Centre as well as the QRA should be acknowledged in all resulting publications. 
Award Amount

Applicants can apply for a maximum of 3 dates. Up to ten AMS radiocarbon dates in total will be awarded during each year.


The scheme is open to undergraduates, Masters and first year PhD students only and only one award will be made to each successful applicant during their degree. To be eligible for the scheme you must be a QRA member at the time of application. 

Application details

The online application form will take your application details. You must also upload a Case for Support, which should be no more than two sides of A4, 12-point single-spaced, including figures and references. The Case for Support should outline the aims of your project and state clearly the contribution that radiocarbon dating will make to it. If possible, please provide a description of the stratigraphic context of the samples that you propose to date. The Case for Support can be uploaded as a single file not exceeding 50Mb. A letter of support from the applicant’s supervisor must accompany the application – submitted as a separate file. 

Reporting requirements

Successful applicants will be expected to submit a brief report (500 words) for publication in Quaternary Newsletter during the 12 months following the award. Applicants are encouraged to submit full-length articles to Quaternary Newsletter, which will be subject to the normal refereeing procedure for QNarticles. Applicants submitting full-length articles are not required to submit the brief report in addition. You will not be able to apply for other grants until you have received confirmation of the successful receipt of your report. An exception applies for the Postgraduate Conference Fund, which you may apply for while currently holding a QRA-14CHRONO Centre Radiocarbon Dating Award. 

Application deadlines

Once per year on 15th February.

Interested in applying?

QRA members can apply for grants using our online application forms on our website.