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Glacial Landsystems Working Group (GLWG)

About this group

Duration of QRA support: 2013-2023

Organisers: Dave Roberts, Dave Evans

GLWG is an informal working group which aims to act as a catalyst for research on palaeoglaciological reconstructions, focusing specifically on landform/sediment associations and their application to glaciated landscapes.

GLWG Field Meetings

The group runs frequent field meetings which are co-sponsored by the QRA.  These take place in various glaciated landscapes in both Britain and Europe. Recent field meeting locations have included:

  • Glen Cova and Strathmore, Eastern Scotland (2019)
  • Iceland (2018)
  • Morayshire, Scotland (2016)
  • County Down, Northern Ireland (2016)

Get involved

If you would like find out more this research group’ activities or get involved with upcoming events please contact the QRA or the lead organiser of the group.