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Lewis Penny Medal

About the award

The Medal will be awarded to an Early Career Researcher (normally less than 35 years old and/or less than 7 years post-PhD) who has been a member of the QRA for at least 3 years, and who has made a significant contribution to any area of Quaternary research.

This medal is named in honour of Lewis Penny who made a significant contribution to the Quaternary stratigraphy of Britain and Ireland.


The candidate should be nominated by a QRA member, who is familiar with the candidate’s work.

Nomination deadline

Once per year on 15th September

Presentation of the award

The award will be presented at the January AGM. The successful candidate will be invited to receive their award in person from the President. Travel costs and one night’s accommodation (if required) will be made available from QRA awards funds. The recipient will be expected to submit a short summary of his or her research for publication in Quaternary Newsletter.

Lewis Penny Medal Winners

2022 – Benjamin Chandler (University of Nottingham) *
2020 – Andrew Newton (Queen’s University Belfast)
2019 – Natasha Barlow (University of Leeds)
2018 – Clare Boston (University of Portsmouth)
2017 – Stephen Livingstone (University of Sheffield)
2015 – Tom White (University of Oxford)
2014 – Bethan Davies (Royal Holloway University of London)
2013 – Andrew Finlayson (University of Edinburgh / British Geological Survey)
2012 – Graeme Swindles (University of Leeds)
2011 – Ian Candy (Royal Holloway, University of London)
2011 – Sven Lukas (Queen Mary, University of London)
2010 – Paul Butler (Bangor University)
2009 – Tom Bradwell (British Geological Survey)
2008 – Kirsty Penkman (University of York)
2005 – Colm O’Cofaigh (Durham University)
2004 – Jonathan Lee (British Geological Survey)

* A decision was taken by the QRA Executive in late 2021 to align the medal award date to the year of presentation, not the date of nomination.

Nomination deadline

Nominations may be submitted at any time of year, but the cutoff for consideration in a given year is 15th September.

Interested in nominating?

QRA members can nominate candidates for prizes using our online application forms on our website.