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Our work

The QRA undertakes a wide range of activities related to research, outreach and geoconservation.  Outputs of these activities are summarised in the suite of publications the QRA offers to members and non-members.

QRA Research groups

The QRA sponsors Research Groups for periods of up to three years to fund activities of sub-disciplines within Quaternary Science.

QRA funds are used largely to assist setting up of networks of researchers and for funding of meetings and workshops. Groups that have received financial support are listed below.


The QRA recognises that geoconservation is particularly important at a time when Quaternary sites are under increasing pressure from development and other human impacts.

There is also growing international recognition of the need for action to raise awareness of geoconservation since it is often underestimated or overlooked in national and local planning and in policies for nature and the environment.


As a charitable organisation the QRA is committed to encouraging the participation of non-Quaternary specialists in our activities and to disseminating information and promoting related talks and events that may be of interest to the wider public.

QRA members often present talks on various aspects of Quaternary science to local community groups, schools, universities, and other organisations.

Our publications

The QRA sponsors a range of regular publications including the Quaternary Newsletter (QN), field guides and technical guides.  The Journal of Quaternary Science (JQS) is published on behalf of the QRA.