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Quaternary Newsletter

QN is published online three times a year (February, June and October). The newsletter contains news, articles, reports and information about upcoming meetings and events.

QN161 Front Cover.  Beatriz Glacier on Isla Santa Inés, Tierra del Fuego (Photo Credit: Carla Huynh). Huynh (this issue) reports on fieldwork supported by the New Research Workers’ Award.

Latest issue (QN 161)

The newsletter issue 161 includes articles and reports covering the topics:

  • James Croll and Lewis Penny Medals, new Honorary Members
  • Potential C14-contaminants in archaeological plan and insect samples
  • Glaciations in Tierra del Fuego
  • Pal(a)eoPERCS seminar series
  • QRA dissertation prize
  • Outstanding paper (winner and runner up) in JQS by an ECR

Quaternary Newsletter Submission Instructions

Quaternary Newsletter is issued in February, June and October. Articles, reviews, notices of forthcoming meetings, news of personal and joint research projects etc. are invited and should be sent to the Editor. Closing dates for submission of copy (news, notices, reports etc.) for the relevant issues are 5th January, 1st May and 1st September. These dates will be strictly adhered to in order to expedite publication. Articles must be submitted at least 6 weeks before these dates in order to be reviewed and revised in time for the next issue of QN, otherwise they may appear in a subsequent issue.

Suggested word limits are as follows: obituaries (2000 words); articles (3000 words); reports on meetings (2000 words); reports on QRA grants (800 words); reviews (1000 words); letters to the Editor (500 words); abstracts (500 words). Authors submitting work as Word documents that include figures must send separate copies of the figures in .eps, .tif or .jpg format (minimum resolution of 300 dpi is required for accurate reproduction). Quaternary Research Fund and New Researchers Award Scheme reports should limit themselves to describing the results and significance of the actual research funded by QRA grants. The suggested format for these reports is as follows: (1) background and rationale (including a summary of how the grant facilitated the research), (2) results, (3) significance, (4) acknowledgments (if applicable). The reports should not (1) detail the aims and objectives of affiliated and larger projects (e.g. Ph.D. topics), (2) outline future research and (3) cite lengthy reference lists. No more than one figure per report is necessary. Recipients of awards who have written reports are encouraged to submit full-length articles on related or larger research projects.

Past issues

Access our archive to view past issues of the Quaternary Newsletter