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The History of the QRA

A brief history of the QRA

The QRA was founded in 1964 as the Quaternary Field Study Group and became the Quaternary Research Association in 1968. Since its begging, the QRA has has 22 presidents, over 100 committee members, and 1000’s of ordinary members.

The QRA’s 50th anniversary celebrations were held in 2014. To celebrate this event, ‘The History of the QRA’ was published in 2014,  covering: 1) the formation & development and, 2) the scientific advancements & contributions of the QRA. 

Top 50 QRA Sites

As part of the 50th year celebrations of the QRA in 2014, compiled a list of the 50 most significant Quaternary sites within Britain as nominated by you, the QRA community.

Covering a broad range of environments, these diverse sets of sites have been fundamental in improving our understanding of the Quaternary environments of Britain.