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Sea Level and Coastal Change (SLaCC)

About this group

Duration of QRA support: 2013-Present

Organisers: Louise Best, Sarah Woodroffe, Zoe Roseby

“How can palaeo sea level and coastal data contribute to next generation UK Climate Projections and UK Climate Risk Independent Assessments?”

The main aim of the Sea Level and Coastal Change Research Group (SLaCC) is to draw together scientists from the UK and NW Europe that are actively researching sea-level and coastal changes and the impact of sea-level change on the coastal environment, in the past, present and future. We meet annually to discuss sea-level and coastal change over a range of time and spatial scales but with particular relevance to vulnerable coastal communities within the UK and NW Europe.

Get Involved

If you would like find out more this research group’s activities or get involved with upcoming events please contact the QRA or the lead organiser of the group.