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Quaternary Newsletter

QN Issue 161 (February 2024)

Only QN reports & articles are available to download as individual PDFs.  Please refer to the full issue to view other content.


Awards: James Croll & Lewis Penny Medals, Honorary Members
Jane Hart
Page 1
Report: Investigating potential C14-contaminants during processing and storage of archaeological plan and insect samples
Becky Briant, Philippa Ascough, Fiona Brock, David Smith
Page 6
Report: Late Glacial and Holocene glaciations in Tierra del Fuego
Carla Huynh
Page 10
Report: Ensuring the longevity of the Pal(a)eoPERCS seminar series in an equitable, diverse, inclusive and accessible way
The Pal(a)eo PERCS steering committee
Page 14
Prize: QRA Dissertation Prize: Judges' comments and abstracts
Althea Davies & Phil Gibbard
Page 16
Outstanding Paper in JQS by an ECR: Patchwork Loess of Central Asia: Implications for interpreting aeolian dynamics and past climate circulation in piedmont regions
Aditi Dave
Page 17
Outstanding Paper in JQS by an ECR: Lateglacial and Early Holocene Palaeoenvironmental Change and Human Activity at Killerby Quarry, North Yorkshire
Samuel M. Hudson
Page 17