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Quaternary Newsletter

QN Issue 160 (October 2023)

Only QN reports & articles are available to download as individual PDFs.  Please refer to the full issue to view other content.


Article: Ice-marginal landforms in the Upper Calder Valley, West Yorkshire
Jon Barber
Page 4
Article: Late Quaternary flooding in the Vale of Pickering
William Fairburn
Page 8
Report: QRA Field Meeting: Quaternary of Wester Ross, 18-21st May 2023
Ailsa Guild
Page 13
Report: Quaternary of HS2: Joint meeting of the QRA Engineering Research Group and Engineering Geology Group of the Geological Society, 15-16th June 2023
Becky Briant
Page 24
Report: Constraining the timing of Fennoscandian Ice Sheet glaciation(s) on the Kola Peninsula, northwest Arctic Russia
Benjamin Boyes
Page 28
Report: Radiocarbon dating of Rindle Moss
Jessica Gauld
Page 31
Book Review: Review of four 1:25,000 geological maps/memoirs of Switzerland published by the Bundesamt für Landestopographie Swisstopo
David Nowell
Page 39