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Quaternary Newsletter Issue 162 (Archive)


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Article: An Igneous Erratic at Limeslade, Gower & the Glaciation of the Bristol Channel
Brian John
Page 4
Article: Last Thoughts on the Glaciated Lincolnshire Clay Vales and the Trent
Allan Straw
Page 15
Article: Glacial Lake Terraces in the Vale of Pickering
William A. Fairburn
Page 18
Report: QRA ADM EDI Panel Discussion, Some Personal Reflections
J.K. Hart, Kathryn Adamson, Rosie E. Archer, Laura Boyall, James Lea, Tessa M.C. Spano
Page 25
Report: Panel on Co-Design & Co-Production of Physical Geography Research, 19th June 2024, online
Becky Briant, Louise Callard, Jane K. Hart, Katy Roucoux
Page 27
Awards: QRA Awards & Medals
Page 29
Awards: Using Sedimentology & Ground Penetrating Radar to Investigate the Internal Architecture of De Geer Moraines
Gwyneth Rivers, Howard Street, Robert D. Storrar, Antti E. Ojala, Joni Mäkinen, Camilla Holmroos, Naomi Holmes
Page 31
Awards: Record of Modern-Day Processes at Rapidly Retreating Glaciers: Snapshots from Central Chilean Patagonia
Paulina Mejías Osorio, Daniel Le Heron, Ricarda Wohlschlägl, Bethan Davies
Page 36
Awards: Quaternary Microbialite Facies of Eastern Cape of South Africa
Thomas Garner
Page 40
Creative work: The Boulders of Bahía Inútil
Harold Lovell
Page 44