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Quaternary Newsletter Issue 161 (Archive)


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Awards: James Croll Medal, Lewis Penny Medal & Honorary Members
Jane Hart
Page 1
Report: Investigating Potential C14-Contaminants During Processing and Storage of Archaeological Plant & Insect Samples
Becky Briant, Philippa Ascough, Fiona Brock, David Smith
Page 6
Report: Late Glacial and Holocene Glaciation in Tierra del Fuego
Carla Huynh, Andy Hein, Rob Bingham, Juan-Luis Garcia
Page 10
Report: Ensuring the Longevity of the Pal(a)eopercs Seminar Series in a Equitable, Diverse, Inclusive and Accessible Way
Rehemat Bhatia, Pedro Godoy, Chrissy Hall, Natasha Sekhon, Neha Sharma, Elizabeth Sibert, Isaiah Smith
Page 15
QRA Undergraduate Dissertation Prize
Althea Davies, Phil Gibbard
Page 16
Journal of Quaternary Science Outstanding ECR Paper 2023
Page 18