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Quaternary Newsletter Issue 159 (Archive)


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Response: James Croll Award
Colin Ballantyne
Page 1
Article: A 70 m Strandline in the Vale of Pickering - Real or Imagined?
Allan Straw
Page 4
Report: Joint QRA Engineering Group & Glacial Landsystems Working Group (GLWG) Field Training Course to North Wales: 27th - 30th October 2022
Cristina-Ioana Balaban
Page 6
Report: 2023 QRA Annual Discussion Meeting Applications of Quaternary Geoscience to Engineering: Process, Properties & Behaviour
Cat Rouse
Page 13
Report: Reconstructing Palaeoenvironmental Conditions in the Egyptian Nile Valley Using Soil Rhizoliths
Kathryn Adamson
Page 16
Report: Speleothem Dates and the Onset of Late Devensian Ice-Sheet Glaciation in NW Scotland
T.J. Lawson
Page 19
Report: Characterising Paleolake Riada Conditions During Deglaciation of The Central Irish Midlands
Matthew Carney
Page 24
Report: Understanding The Drivers of Patagonian Ice Sheet Deglaciation: Insights From Its Northeastern-Central Sector
Emma-Louise Cooper
Page 27
Report: Holocene Palaeoenvironment of the Fenlands: Sea-Level Change and Saltmarsh Evolution at Friskney, Lincolnshire
Sally Derrett
Page 31
Report: Compiling a Tephrostratigraphic Record of Holocene Volcanic Activity for the Virunga Volcanic Providence, East African Rift
Christine S. Lane
Page 35
Report: Resolving Late Holocene Climate Change, North Iceland
Timothy Lane
Page 38
Report: Abrupt Loess Accumulation Associated with Dynamics of the British-Irish Ice Sheet: A Record From Pegwell Bay, Kent
Thomas Stevens
Page 41
Book Review: Essex Rock - Geology Beneath The Landscape by Ian Mercer & Ros Mercer
Pete Knowles
Page 47