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Quaternary Newsletter Issue 158 (Archive)


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The James Croll Award
Colin Ballantyne
Page 1
Honorary Members
Awarded at the 2023 AGM
Page 2
Article: Was there a Late Devensian ice-free corridor in Pembrokeshire?
Brian John
Page 4
Article: The 70 and 45 metre OD strandlines in the Vale of Pickering.
William Fairburn
Page 16
Reports: A palaeoecological perspective on the ecological implications of seawall removal at Gibraltar Point, UK.
Kirsten Beck
Page 21
Reports: Understanding the impacts of desilting agent on aquatic ecosystem health and sustainability.
Katie Gunning
Page 27
Reports: Small glaciers existed on Ben Nevis during the late Holocene.
Stephan Harrison
Page 33
Reports: Early medieval tephra layers and the proximal impacts of the Eldgjá fissure eruption, Iceland.
Conner Morison
Page 36
Reports: An ultra-high-resolution isotopic analysis of the Marks Tey abrupt climate event, MIS 11C.
Daniel Parkes
Page 39
Reports: Surface exposure dating using cosmogenic 3He at Skálafellsjökull, southeast Iceland.
Sarah Walton
Page 42
QRA Dissertation Prize Abstracts: QRA Dissertation Prize – Judges’ Comments.
Mary Edwards and Gill Plunkett
Page 46
QRA Dissertation Prize Abstracts: A tephropalaeoecology study investigating volcanic eruptions and tephra depositions’ impacts on a lacustrine ecosystem in Northeast China, using diatoms as environmental indicators.
Yuqiao Natalie Deng
Page 47
QRA Dissertation Prize Abstracts: Using GIS and Numerical Modelling to Test the Influence of Climate Change on Glacial Lake Outburst Flood Risk in the Dudh Koshi Basin, Nepal Himalaya.
Duncan Russell
Page 48
Outstanding Paper in the Journal of Quaternary Science by an Early Career Researcher: An Early Pleistocene hippopotamus from Westbury Cave, Somerset, England: support for a previously unrecognised temperate interval in the British Quaternary record.
Neil Adams, Ian Candy and Danielle Schreve
Page 49