The Quaternary Research Association

About the QRA

The Quaternary Research Association is a research organisation interested in the last 2.6 million years of Earth's history (the Quaternary) – also known as the ‘Ice Age’.

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The Journal of Quaternary Science

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The Journal of Quaternary Science is published on behalf of the QRA by Wiley-Blackwell.

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04/11/14 - Publication of the Geodiversity Charter for England (read)

10/09/14 - Impacts of 2013/14 storms and floods on SSSIs - Natural England information request (read)

30/05/14 - QRA 2015 ADM - registration form and further details available (read)

08/05/14 - Top 50 UK Quaternary sites - request for nominations (read)

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Forthcoming meetings

05/01/15 - 08/01/15
QRA 2015 Annual Discussion Meeting: The Quaternary Geology of the North Sea and Adjacent Areas (view)

02/06/15 - 03/06/15
QRA Short Discussion Meeting: Quaternary of southern South America (view)

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Postgraduate members

The QRA has an active postgraduate community with around 250 members. Postgraduates organise their own symposium each year (late Aug/early Sep) to exchange ideas in an informal environment.

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The QRA is a member of the International Union for Quaternary Research, which unites scientists from all over the world. The next (XXVIII) INQUA Congress will be held in Bern, Switzerland 20th July - 27th July, 2011.

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Grant applications

The QRA funds grants to members with the aim of promoting Quaternary research and training as widely as possible. Applications can be submitted at any time and are reviewed three times a year.

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