INQUA Congress 2019 field trips

INQUA Congress 2019 field trips

The Quaternary Research Association are delighted to host two pre and post-congress trips for our colleagues in IQUA (Irish Quaternary Association) as part of the 20th INQUA Congress in Dublin in July 2019 (  These trips are open to INQUA Congress participants, QRA members and others and some spaces are still available. Full details of each trip can be downloaded from the information below.

Pre:QFL-6: The Quaternary Fluvial Archives of the Major English Rivers

Pst:QHL-3: Late Quaternary Landscape Evolution, Palaeoenvironments and Human Occupation in the North of Ireland

Please note the following important points in relation to international visitors booking on these field trips:

  1. You are responsible for arranging your own travel between the trips and the INQUA Congress in Dublin.
  2. The United Kingdom (UK) is a different country from Ireland and you may need to apply for a different visa to travel to the UK. You can check if you need a UK visa here:
  3. You will need to buy your own travel insurance to cover you for any accidents, delayed flights, costs of missing the departure rendezvous etc.

Unfortunately, the following field trips have not secured enough bookings to be financially viable and have been cancelled. Participants have been contacted separately to arrange reimbursement. Please do not try to book onto these trips.

Pre:QGL-5: The Nature and Timing of the ‘Younger Dryas’ Glaciation of Scotland

Pst:QGL-4: Different Styles of Younger Dryas Glaciation in the Northwestern and Central Scottish Highlands

Pst:QG/ArchL-5: The Quaternary of the Isles of Scilly