QN 147 Feb 2019 now available online (member login area)

Happy New Year (it's still just January) to all QRA members. 

We have a bumper edition of the Quaternary Newsletter for the start of 2019.  QN 147 is now available for download from the Members' Documents area of the website (login required).

In this issue we have an exciting article on the East Mersia Hippo site, which is an impressive piece of undergraduate dissertation research. We also have a comment and reply on the Isles of Scilly ice cover from the previous issue. It is the time of year, following the ADM and AGM that we celebrate our medal winners - James Croll medal goes to Ann Wintle and the Lewis Penny Medal to Clare Boston. Many congratulations to both. We also recognise the contributions of Phil Gibbard as he is awarded an Honorary Membership. The abstract from the award winning QRA undergraduate dissertation is also in this issue. 

The Quaternary Research Fund reports show the varied research that our members are involved in: tephra, dung funghi, geoarchaeology, and deglacial landscapes. Our New Research Workers Awards show research in Patagonia and The Gulf Coast of the USA. 

Finally, we have reports from research meetings (SLACC, IQUA) and the retirement symposium for Phil Gibbard. 

Enjoy issue 147, and again my thanks to Val Siviter for her continued assistance in the final assembly of QN and for organising those copies that are printed and posted. 

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