QRA Executive Committee Nominations

Four members of the QRA Executive Committee will complete their terms of office in January 2019.  The following positions will become vacant: TreasurerVice President, Awards Officer and Conservation Officer.

Treasurer – responsible for financial management, including financial reporting and bookkeeping.  The position would suit someone with previous budget management or bookkeeping experience.  
Vice President – a person of senior standing in the research community, perhaps with previous experience on the Executive Committee.

Conservation Officer – responsible for overseeing matters relating to geoconservation and overseeing the QRA Geoconservation Award.  Experience in conservation matters required.
Awards Officer - oversees and coordinates the QRA Standard and Special Awards. They also advise on eligibility and other queries regarding the awards.
Nominations for any of these four posts are invited from members and should reach the Secretary by 15 September 2018 at the latest. 
Candidate nominations must be supported by two existing members of at least one year’s standing.  Details of the nominees will be published in the October Circular.  If more than one person is nominated for each post a ballot will be arranged
If you would like to know more about the roles please contact the Secretary (secretary@qra.ac.uk)

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