QN145 June 2018 edition now available

QN 145 is now available for download from the Members' Documents area of the website (login required).

In this issue you will find the write-up of the excellent Annual Discussion Meeting, hosted by the University of Plymouth at the start of 2018, alongside an overview of the international Palaeochronology-building workshop. The Quaternary Research Fund and New Research Workers Award reports demonstrate a wealth of research being supported by the QRA, taking us, Geographically, from Northumberland to the museums of Florence and Chilhac, with stops in the Isle of Skye, the Falkland Islands, Belize, Nepal, South Africa, western Antarctica and the Seychelles. We also fondly remember the contributions of Martin Aitken, John Sissons and John Catt. 

I hope the skies are as blue with you as they continue to be in Manchester. 

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