QRA Circular Highlights (June 2016)

QRA Executive Committee Nominations

Three members of the QRA Executive Committee complete their terms of office in January 2017. The Executive Committee has nominated the following people to stand for election:
  • President: Neil Glasser (Aberystwyth)
  • Treasurer: Jack Lacey (BGS)
  • Ordinary Member: Julie Durcan (Oxford)
Nominations proposing additional candidates for any of these posts are invited from members and should reach the Secretary by 1 September 2016. If other nominations are received, details will be published in the October Circular and a ballot will be held.

Quaternary Newsletter

Executive Committee would like to thank all those members who responded to the consultation concerning a possible electronic distribution model for QN. This was clearly an issue that animated the membership: we received almost 250 responses, many of them detailed and heart-felt. A full report will be published and made available to members over the summer, along with an explanation detailing the decisions of the Executive Committee.

Call for Nominations for QRA Medals and Honorary Membership

The QRA sponsors several prizes in recognition of excellence in the field of Quaternary research. The Lewis Penny Medal is awarded to a young or new research worker who has made a significant contribution to our understanding of the Quaternary stratigraphy of the British Isles. Our
senior award, the James Croll Medal, is awarded to a member of the QRA who has not only made an outstanding contribution to the field of Quaternary science, but whose work has also had a significant international impact. Nomination forms can be downloaded from the Awards webpage; the deadline is 15 September 2016.

Nominations for Honorary Membership will also be considered by the Executive Committee at their September meeting. Nominations are welcome from any QRA member, although we ask that the nominees are NOT informed that their names have been put forward. Please make suggestions to the President, Pete Coxon (president@qra.org.uk), the Secretary, Mick Frogley (secretary@qra.org.uk) or the Awards Officer, Adrian Palmer (awards@qra.org.uk). A current list of Honorary Members can be downloaded from the members’ area of the QRA website.

QRA Awards

The next deadline for QRA Awards applications is 15 September 2016. In this round we welcome applications for the following schemes: New Research Workers Award (NRWA), Postgraduate QRA Meetings Award (PMA), Quaternary Conference Fund (QCF) and the Quaternary Research Fund (QRF). Eligibility criteria and application procedures are detailed on the Awards webpages

All postgraduates (even those holding QRA awards) are eligible to apply for the PMAs. For further details, please contact the Awards Officer, Adrian Palmer (awards@qra.org.uk).

QRA Outreach: Undergraduate Dissertation Prize

The QRA, in association with the RGS-IBG, would like to recognise the achievements of undergraduates in Quaternary science by awarding the QRA Undergraduate Dissertation Prize (£250) for a thesis demonstrating flair and originality. This prize is open to any undergraduate enrolled at a British or Irish university; membership of the QRA or RGS-IBG is not a requirement for entry. The submission deadline is 15 September 2016; further details can be found on the QRA website. The winner will be announced at the AGM in January 2017 and the abstract of their dissertation published in an issue of Quaternary Newsletter.

QRA Outreach Fund

The QRA encourages its members and others to promote and foster engagement between Quaternary Science and a wide and diverse audience. In support, we operate an Outreach Fund from which grants of up to £750 are awarded annually. Please contact the Outreach Officer, Barbara Silva (outreach@qra.org.uk) for more details. The next deadline is 1 September 2016.

Calendar of QRA Meetings

Further details about all forthcoming meetings are available from the QRA website.

June 2016
Field Meeting: Quaternary Periglaciation of Kent
QRA co-sponsored meeting with Engineering Group of the Geological Society
Venue: Margate
Contact: David Giles (dave.giles@port.ac.uk)
Details: 10–12 June 2016

July 2016
QRA/SLaCC Joint Meeting: Whitby and NE Yorkshire Coast
Venue: Whitby
Contact: slacc.geog@durham.co.uk
Details: 4–8 July 2016

Sept 2016
Short Discussion Meeting: Developments in Palaeoecology of the British Isles During the Holocene
Venue: National Museum of Wales, Cardiff
Contact: Heather Pardoe (heather.pardoe@museumwales.ac.uk)
Details: 6–7 September 2016

Sept 2016
QRA Postgraduate Symposium
Venue: University of Nottingham
Contact: Jack Lacey (jackl@bgs.ac.uk)
Details: 14–16 September 2016

Oct 2016
QRA/GLWG Joint Meeting: Glaciation of the Mountains of Mourne, N. Ireland
Venue: Newcastle, Co. Down, Northern Ireland
Contact: Sam Roberson (samrob@bgs.ac.uk)
Details: 27–30 October 2016

Jan 2017
Annual Discussion Meeting: Quaternary Engineering Geology – Implications f
or Glaciated and Periglaciated Terrains
Venue: Durham University
Contact: David Evans (d.j.a.evans@dur.ac.uk)
Details: 4–7 January 2017

This QRA Circular identifies key upcoming activities within the QRA. Further details can be found on the QRA website. For any enquiries regarding QRA activities please consult qra.org.uk or contact the Honorary Secretary: Mick Frogley (
secretary@qra.org.uk), Department of Geography, Chichester 1 Building, University of Sussex, Brighton, BN1 9QJ.

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