The QRA is multi-disciplinary research group with a strong postgraduate presence. It aims to advance the study of Quaternary science in the world and to create a network of people made up of a wide range of disciplines including archaeologists, botanists, geographers and geologists.

About 200 are postgraduate members. The QRA provides valuable support all its postgraduate members. A number of field trips are run each year to provide in-situ experience of field sites of global Quaternary interest. This allows postgraduates to meet and socialise with other QRA members and to discuss research topics with leading academics in these fields. The field trips are complemented by numerous local and international conferences, including the annual QRA International Postgraduate Symposium.


In addition to the QRA meetings, postgraduates organise their own symposium each year which is usually held in late August/early September, and this provides the opportunity to exchange ideas arising from oral and poster presentations in an informal environment.


The QRA supports postgraduates through a number of awards:


Postgraduate members can:

  • Participate in the Annual Discussion Meeting and Field Meetings.
  • Apply for research grants and meeting awards.
  • Network with researchers in your field.
  • Subscribe to the journal of the QRA (Journal of Quaternary Science) for a reduced rate of £30 per year.

A yearly Postgraduate membership costs only £10. For more details see the QRA Membership Page.