QRA Outreach Talks and Events

A new interpretation of the depositional history of the Early Crag in Norfolk and Suffolk

venue: UEA
date: 19:00, 18/04/13

This talk will propose a new correlation for the Crag sequences at depth and in outcrop; suggest that the age of the "Norwich Crag" sequence is older than previously envisaged and underlain by a significant regional unconformity; argue that the ma…

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Arrochar Alps

venue: Glasgow
date: 09:00, 27/04/13 – 27/04/13

Rock slope failures at Loch Lomond, Glen Douglas, Arrochar, Ben Arthur and Loch Goil Leader: David Jarman

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Mousehold Heath Earth Heritage Trail

venue: Mousehold Heath, Norwich
date: 27/04/13 – 27/04/13

A field meeting on Mousehold Heath just as spring is getting underway. Glacial deposits, Paleolithic archaeology, industrial archaeology and environmental conservation, Mousehold has it all.

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The depositional environments of the Westleton Beds

venue: Norwich
date: 02/06/13

The character, composition and depositional environment of gravelly sands at the top of the Norwich Crag "Westleton Beds" will be examined in coastal and inland sections in northeast Suffolk. The different depositional models presented for the gra…

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Cumberland Geological Society: THE WORKINGTON SHORE

venue: Workington
date: 19:00, 12/06/13 – 12/06/13

Late Quaternary and a new environment for most of us

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Trimingham - Sidestrand section

venue: Sidestrand
date: 23/06/13

This is a fabulous section through rapidly eroding cliffs and contains dramatic structures and key stratigraphical markers for the understanding of the timing of the Anglian and the structure of the Cromer Ridge. It is also a good beach for collecting

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William Smith Meeting 2013: The first century of Isotope Geochronology: the legacy of Frederick Soddy and Arthur Holmes

venue: The Geological Society, Burlington House, London
date: 25/06/13 – 27/06/13

In 1913, Frederick Soddy's research on the fundamentals of radioactivity led to the discovery of isotopes.  (Soddy, F., Intra-atomic Charge, Nature, v. 92, p. 399-400, 4 December 1913). This was arguably one of the most important scientific…

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Carstairs Kames & the Falls of Clyde (excursion)

venue: Glasgow
date: 09:00, 06/07/13 – 06/07/13

Glacial features at Carstairs, Woodend Farm and Hyndford Quarry, followed by the Falls of Clyde Leader: John Gordon

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Shell Lecture: Dwarfism in Animals on Islands

venue: The Geological Society, Burlington House, London
date: 11/09/13

Victoria Herridge (Natural History Museum) The extinct dwarf elephants of the Mediterranean are remarkable. They evolved many times, on many islands, from large mainland species such as the 4-metre tall straight-tusked elephant. Some of these d…

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Shell Lecture: Lakes Beneath the Ice

venue: The Geological Society, Burlington House, London
date: 18/12/13

Martin Siegert (Edinburgh University) Attempts to directly measure and sample subglacial Lake Ellsworth were unsuccessful in the recent Antarctic field season (Nov-Dec 2012). In this talk, I present why the experiment failed to work, and the l…

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