About QRA meetings

The QRA organises an Annual Discussion Meeting and several field meetings every year. We are now looking to organise meetings for 2014 and beyond and would very much welcome offers from researchers to run short field meetings related to any aspect of Quaternary science in any area of the UK or Europe.

Annual Discussion Meetings are usually held over 2 to 3 days in early January. They are centred on a key scientific theme and draw national and international interest, with keynote speakers from around the world. In recent years themes have included; The Quaternary of Britain; The Last British Ice Sheet; Isotope and noble gas analysis; The Palaeolithic Occupation of Europe; Land-Ocean Correlation; and Constructing Quaternary Chronologies.

Field meetings are focused on recent Quaternary findings and discoveries within the UK and Europe. We also help to run, and participate in, meetings abroad. Meetings usually take place over a 2-4 day period, with accommodation and travel being organised by a Field trip leader on behalf of the QRA. We also organise workshops. These can be 1 or 2 days and can have a flexible format such as a mini-conference, workshop or field day.

The QRA will also consider co-sponsorship of other meetings that support the aims of the Association and may be of interest and benefit to QRA members. Awards can be used for venue costs, to sponsor keynote speakers, to subsidise registration costs for groups of delegates and to promote the role of the QRA to new audiences. We currently have two deadlines a year for co-sponsorship requests. These are March 1st (for meetings in Autumn of the same year and winter of the following year) and September 1st (for spring/summer of the following year). Applications for co-sponsorship need to be made at least 6 months before the date of the meeting. Awards usually go up to £500. Completed application forms need to be submitted electronically to the QRA Meetings Officer.

In return for sponsorship the QRA requires the following:

The QRA logo is used on all publicity materials, and the QRA is acknowledged at the event, including display of the QRA logo.

QRA sponsored speakers display the QRA logo on their title slide at the beginning of their presentation. The QRA logo is available from the QRA Meetings Officer.

Organisers discuss their event with the QRA Meetings Officer, so that we can help with advertising QRA sponsored events using Quaternary Newsletter, the QRA Website and the QRA membership email alert facility.

The QRA requires a short report from the conference on the outcomes of the meeting. This must be submitted to the QRA Meetings Officer within 2 months of the meeting.

The QRA requires a short article reviewing the meeting for publication in Quaternary Newsletter. This must be submitted to the Quaternary Newsletter Editor within 2 months of the meeting.

The QRA requires a statement of accounts showing how the QRA sponsorship was spent. This must be submitted to the QRA Treasurer within 2 months of the meeting.

The QRA encourages meeting organisers to consider Journal of Quaternary Science as an outlet for eventual publications.

QRA Co-sponsored Meetings

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