Quaternary history of the Chilterns

date(s): 11/05/13
venue: Little Heath and Marsworth
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Quaternary history of the Chilterns and site conservation:  This field meeting will visit two sites: Firstly, Little Heath near Berkhamsted, which exposes marine beach gravels of Plio-Pleistocene (?Red Crag) age.  A new excavation in March 2012 through collaboration between Natural England and the National Trust has revealed more of the beach gravels as well as the overlying intertidal sands and upper cryoturbated gravels; and secondly Marsworth near Tring noted for the exposures of two interglacial channels (MIS 7 and 5e) separated by chalky periglacial slope deposits of MIS 6. Exposures beyond the channels show other undated fluvial, colluvial and potential glacigenic deposits, whose palaeoecology, age and origin are currently being investigated. Little Heath and Marsworth are both SSSIs and have presented a range of conservation issues, which will be discussed at each site.

The leaders are John Catt (UCL), Julian Murton (University of Sussex) and Eleanor Brown (Natural England).

further information:
John Catt (j.catt@ucl.ac.uk)

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