QRA Field Meeting 2013: The Quaternary of the Monadhliath Mountains and Great Glen

date(s): 17/04/13 – 20/04/13
venue: Fort Augustus
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The Monadhliath Mountains in central Scotland are dominated by a large dissected plateau area, which until recently has received very little research attention.  PhD work by Clare Boston provides the first systematic glacial mapping of the Monadhliath Mountains as a whole, revealing the existence of a plateau icefield during the Younger Dryas and complex deglaciation patterns of ice retreat at the end of the Late Devensian.  In addition, several other research projects have recently been undertaken in the area, including sampling for cosmogenic radionuclide dating and ongoing BGS mapping of the Quaternary geology. The area is situated directly to the east of Glen Roy and provides a missing link to patterns of Younger Dryas ice in central Scotland and Glen Roy.

The meeting will focus on glacier dynamics during the Late Devensian and Lateglacial in the Monadhliath Mountains and around Fort Augustus, and will provide the opportunity to see some fantastic geomorphology and sedimentology in an area that up until recently we have known very little about.  The fieldtrip will include: 

See links to download the registration form and information pack. Deadline for registration 10th January 2013 

further information:
Clare Boston (C.M.Boston@exeter.ac.uk)

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