INQUA Congress Travel Grants from the QRA

The four-yearly international INQUA Congress represents the foremost opportunity for Quaternary scientists from around the world to present their work and discuss the latest developments across a range of disciplines.

In 1977 the UK was host to the 10th INQUA Congress in Birmingham. The surplus generated from that event has been held in trust by the Royal Society on behalf of the QRA ever since and the accumulated interest from this fund has been used to support the attendance of QRA members at all subsequent INQUA meetings. Separate QRA monies are also released by the Executive to augment the Royal Society fund. In 2007, for example, the QRA were able to help support the attendance of 37 members at the 17th Congress in Cairns, Australia. The UK had the largest representation of delegates at that meeting (apart from the host nation), a testimony to the strength and engagement of the UK Quaternary community.

The next (18th) INQUA Congress will be held in Bern, Switzerland, in July 2011.